That’s Not How They Did It On HGTV: Our Home Reno Project.

Atlanta, we’re committed.

After nearly a year of house – and soul – searching we are officially, for better or worse, home owners.

I’d be fibbing if I said it was a seamless process.

We agreed to put down roots and then not even 24-hours later started flirting with the idea of moving to a different time zone. While I love the little life we’ve created in this charming city, buying a house solidified that a plane ticket would stand between us and my parents for at least another couple years – and I find that a truly disappointing reality.

We would weigh the pros and cons, go back and forth on what we wanted, change our minds about what we wanted, find a house, put an offer in, and then the contract would fall through…and I’d go back to finding a change of scenery wildly appealing.

This cyclical process was our reality for nearly a year.

Then one summer Saturday after more than one margarita we made an impromptu stop at an open house in a neighborhood we’d wandered through a few times.

Now here we are.

Time to turn a house into a home.

We moved in and immediately began to try and get our arms around the growing beast that is our renovation to-do list. The game plan is to tackle everything from re-painting to knocking out a wall and ripping out a bathroom. Bonus points if we keep our sanity.

It’s already proven to be a trial and error process but, aside from a few slips off a ladder and my husband’s brief, near-death stint as an electrician, I think we’re off to a relatively okay start for first-time home owners.

I plan to share the full list of what works, what doesn’t, and what I’ll never do again, but for now consider this an open call for any tips, tricks, or tasks for a pair of newlyweds about to start their first massive home renovation.  (And, yes, emotional tips are just as appreciated as the best way to rip out carpeting).

20 thoughts on “That’s Not How They Did It On HGTV: Our Home Reno Project.

  1. We ripped out the carpet in my parents’ house a few years ago and began with the tedious process of using a box cutter all over the floor area. Once the carpet was up, though, and we were left with all those staples in the floor, my mom took a shovel and ran it up and down the floor like a lawnmower. Most of the staples popped right out, then we swept them all up with a broom.

    As a side note, my parents are in The First 14,600 Days (40 years) haha, and they decided to build a house for the first time. Since you mentioned preserving sanity, that’s something I don’t recommend after watching them do it. At least not 40 years into the marriage. Sooner, maybe.

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  2. Oh my, congratulations! This is what first comes to mind. This definitely falls under that category of “it will either make you or break you.” Don’t let it break you! You’ve obviously chosen this path at this time together. There is always something to be learned from the paths we choose. So tackle it head on and learn and grow from this beautiful life experience! As newlyweds you will find out so much about each other that you never knew and would never know had you not decided to tackle this project together. You will discover each others strengths and, hopefully, learn to trust them in each other. This will go a long way to keep the peace and sanity. And in the end you will have something you have created together. Something to be proud of. Stay positive! Best of luck!

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  3. Don’t watch too much HGTV! My mom and I watch it all the time and learn some useful things, but we mostly end up frustrated with how much more difficult our projects are than those on TV (forgetting of course that they are, in fact, on TV). Good luck!

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  4. We moved into an old Vermont farmhouse 20 years ago; our home to do list is never ending. I love your writing style as your post was interesting with a twist of a chuckle here and there. Good luck and best wishes on your new diggs.

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