Well, Hello

Hey you.

I’ve toyed around with the idea of a blog for awhile, but since everyone with a smartphone is now also a writer I, more-often-than-not, came to the conclusion: Why add to the cyberspace clutter?

However, I’ve now had not one, not two, but three writing mentors tell me blogging is a necessity if you want to kick your career up a notch.

So here we go.

I am a Jesus loving feminist with a passion for seeing the world and carbs. I cuss like someone who’s spent way too much time in a  newsroom (sorry mom) and I’m constantly battling my love of pretty things with the reality that material trappings don’t really matter.

I am flawed – but I am trying.

I’m award-winning journalist turned public relations specialist with a passion for travel, new experiences, and all things celebratory – which I’m blessed to say are things I now make a living writing about.   I combine my broadcast and public relations experience to help people and brands tell their stories and my work and clients can be seen across several outlets, including USA Today, Fortune, Huffington Post, TIME, SELF, Cosmopolitan, Adweek, Fast Company, and Refinery 29.

I am the oldest child from arguably the world’s best and loudest family and am married to the most loving, supportive man.  Truly. Take every cheesy, cliched, gag-me-with-a-spoon love phrase out there – he embodies it

I deeply believe in treating life like a celebration, whether that’s through work, travel, or enjoying the little moments each day. This site will share some of my travel stories and tips while also offering a glimpse into how we apply the “celebrate well” mantra in our life.

It’s admittedly a bit intimidating knowing anyone bored and browsing could stumble upon my documentation of this journey, so I’m asking for feedback, support, and grace as I try and figure this all out.

Here’s hoping support outweighs any snark.